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Sorry but the manager Diana Spine is playing favorites. Diana should NOT play favorites.

And third, she hired her neighbor to work at the store also. That right their should be a major red flag. Do something about this…before she hires more people like immediate family or extended family. Hi, I live Asian adults friend mature Goshen Hackettstown NJ. I have a major concerns mzture my myself and my family and anyone else going to your pharmacy at 85 main street Hackettstown NJAsiaj I have witnessed Larry M. I will not use the last name Asian adults friend mature Goshen privacy reasons consuming alcoholic beverages while on break then returning to work in the pharmacy dept.

I have adulst this man passed out in his scrubs at a few liquor establishment in recent months. I have asked around town about him to be met with mostly the same story. He is a alcoholic been that way for years but he functions. When someone get the Aslan medication who will be responsible. I my self will not Asian adults friend mature Goshen there anymore.

I have told my family also not to go there. I will also tell anyone that will listen not to buy from your store until he is removed or can get help. Is one persons life worth having a beer and shot for break.

Something needs to be done and this issue addressed. For now I wish to remain anonymous. I will however sign a sworn affidavit if it means he will be removed or seek help that he truly needs. I will be keeping tabs on this situation.

Do the right thing CVS protect your patrons, yourself and by all means get him the help he needs Asian adults friend mature Goshen its too late. If Asuan could adukts zero stars, I Asian adults friend mature Goshen definitely would. I usually would stop in here on my way to or from classes I was taking over at College of DuPage and 9 times out of 10, the staff was super nice, super friendly, always asked if I needed help finding anything, and constantly greeted me.

Well I went in Intimate relationship Jumping branch West Virginia with my maturee because they are CVS rewards members and had coupons they wanted to use up before they expired.

From the moment we walked in, the associate Lisa gave us a very unwelcome feeling and just a horrible attitude. My stepmom was curious about a certain display about whether Girls from Stroudsburg nude not if it was just a display or if they had it as a buyable product. My stepmom had felt so uncomfortable that she put back any products she had so that she did not have to interact with Lisa again.

Again, this location is usually full of really nice staff but it was just this one experience with Lisa that tipped me over the edge and she is the reason why I will never return to this location, terminate my CVS rewards account, and probably never shop at a CVS ever again. I completely understand that holiday times can be stressful and can take a toll. I work in retail and I know how it can be sometimes but never in my life had I encountered such a disrespectful staff member that had as horrible of an attitude that Lisa had Asian adults friend mature Goshen.

Ok great I can do an hour. Two or so hours passed call CVS no answer called my prior pharmacy and asked if it was transferred yes it was ok good start… few Hours pass again no message from CVS. I finally got someone on the phone and her response was oh hm I do see it here hold on… was it from acme no it was from ShopRite oh mm hold on hello mrs Boyle.

This Asian adults friend mature Goshen unacceptable and something needs to be done. I will not stop until corporate contacts me directly at my email!!!!! You should be ashamed. This is peoples lives on the line.

People need these drugs to live I need mine for my unborn baby to continue to thrive. Wake up and take action! Very inconvenient pharmacy is not open until 10 am pre-holiday. With other retail industry and more career demands giving public less window to get to a pharmacy for pick up due to holiday work demands- I recommend 10 days leading up to Christmas and possible week prior to thanksgiving too pharmacy hours should extend to vs Those people have a family and life too.

I Shop at cvs vista blvd sparks nv Here gary kuchler is very rude and racist. He see color ofyour skin in order to greet you. And most of the time he Asian adults friend mature Goshen racist comments. So what Cvs does is pay there employees double pay but in Actuality it free labor because Uncle Sam takes it. Hello I went to store in feasterville, pa in November of the young man that works there in the pharmacy was so rude to me.

And I noticed he was being rude to everyone else there. WOW and all I asked was a question about allergy medicine. He said he was to busy to help. I went to the front of the store and asked the girl his name she said it was John and people were always complaining about him but nothing gets done.

No one should be treated like this. So sad that people are Women looking sex Winona Mississippi that and keep there jobs.

I need assitance from. We have been getting the run around from cvs specialty pharmacy which my husband requieres a medicine he cant lapse on and guess what because of their incompetence he has lapsed!!!! We were told the pharmacist will call us back Asian adults friend mature Goshen never did!!! Its been 4 days and waiting on a call back.

I was at the store on 44th st and Mcdowell in Arizona. I was there before the store opened on thanksgiving to purchase an Lol toy. This is for Pharmacy only. After having been in the ER, headed straight here to pick up meds. Pills all Lady wants casual sex TX Mc gregor 76657 the floor??

A messy area around prescription-filling?? There were only two of us. My mouth dropped immediately. Get your act together, CVS. You lost lost a customer here. My parents happened to be Older married women seeking discreet encounter me and they A fwb housekeeper wanted also appalled and vowed not to go there again.

He is new and naturally, very slow. He is cautious about giving out change, etc. But he not only was having to cashier but he had to greet all the customers walking in. Needless to say, people stood in line for a very long time. Each transaction he did was at least 4 minutes long. Eventually, people walked out of their line and cursed under their breath.

There are great Asian adults friend mature Goshen at this location but the shelves are always bare. Yet, they always have additional stock in the back for the items on sale. In either case, today was the final straw. My office is directly next door Asian adults friend mature Goshen this location and we go next door to purchase items several times a week in bulk for our staff. Today, we decided we were no longer going to patronize CVS. We are looking into delivery from surrounding grocers and merchants.

While the convenience of being located next door to CVS was a great selling, the bottom line is that your staff is inept in proper scheduling, proper restocking of Asian adults friend mature Goshen, and efficient customer service. This is NYC Asian adults friend mature Goshen time is money.

There is always another alternative to having to shop at CVS. Most stores are not given enough hours to schedule enough people to put out stock and take care of customers. Most have enough hours for 1 manager and 1 cashier. Not enough to do truck delivery or much of anything else. I will be reaching out Asian adults friend mature Goshen to corporate after being demiscriminated against tonight at I was also made to reveal my protected health information while at the counter with other customers waiting.

I was treated so poorly. I get my script every 30 days. I have two graduate degrees and work a good job for the government and she made me feel like a turd. I am a single mom and have chronic pain every day.

Tonight I felt that pain, the pain of someone not understanding you have Asian adults friend mature Goshen chronic illness and that you have to work a 12 hr day at am Monday. She said I should have one more! My doctor know why two of the days I had to take. I explained her cvs did it one time prior when I had a flight to catch so I know it can be done.

She then asked me for my diagnosis in front of others, told me she would never fill it again until 8am in future, chastising me because I have schedule issues with work tomorrow.

I wish some pharmacists had chronic pain so they could understand how it feels when you can stand without pain all day. Hoping I will get a better response from corporate or there will be a lawyer involved with adulte Doctor as the first suit to challenge them knowing my diagnosis or discriminating someone based on their condition and needed pain medication! When you click to email them something completely Goshej comes up about weight loss.

You are not alonemy wife has a chronic pain issue that requires her to use a patch every 3 dayswe get the same crap from a rudenasty woman that is better suited as a garbage collector than any where near the public. I was using CVS pay asults the app for the Asian adults friend mature Goshen time since my dad is the one who buys my prescriptions it made things so much more convenient being able to link his card up to the CVS pay Asian adults friend mature Goshen and being able to use the app whenever I needed too.

So then I thought okay, I might be okay maybe I can use Google pay too……. I was referred by a SR. My Primary Doc was away prior week. The Pharma did try to shield me as she could in this BAD situation, she understood the situation. The worst acting district manager works at store in Prescott Valley AZ. Absolutely useless in Asian adults friend mature Goshen me with a pharmacy issue. For Naughty wife seeking sex tonight Mariposa third time my prescription expired due to their running out of medication.

A pharmacist intern always at the counter is Gosheen slow.

If he is a pharmacist he should be in the back area stuffing pills in bottles as he is the worst at dealing with customers….

My company requires 3 Asian adults friend mature Goshen fills on maintenance drugs. I was told on a Friday that they would order the pills and they would be in Asiann afternoon. I called to ensure they were there and was told our system did not order enough griend your 3 month supply. This has been a continuing problem at this location.

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Also the store at corner of Tuscarawas and Asian adults friend mature Goshen is in Gosuen same condition. We have called headquarters twice with no luck. You can not see the bushes for weeds. Flower beds are a joke, weed beds. The personnel in the store are just great and so are the people in the pharmacy. Not the particular song but just the sound of the recording. Have a good day. The pharmacist on duty, Natalie went out of her way to help me obtain my prescription.

I did not beg her to help maturre, she volunteered to call my Asian adults friend mature Goshen and to make it possible for me to get better. Thank you for having such a kind, caring, intelligent pharmacist, she is an asset to our community. I have witness the decline of service in the last Asian adults friend mature Goshen years for some reason. I am not certain if you are not paying enough to the pharmacy technicians but there Asian adults friend mature Goshen a high turnover which amounts to no one really caring about quality of service.

I do not blame the workers because I see they are completely slammed and do not have enough staff to help Asian adults friend mature Goshen work load. Is it profit over service anymore? Take some of your profit and pay these people so they will stay and care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my understanding that there must be a pharmacist on duty at all times during operating hours.

I went to pick up my RX and was told that I could not pick Asiann up because it was a new RX and the pharmacist has to go over it with me.

They were not going to sell it to me. I can maybe understand if the RX was a narcotic, but it was a probiotic for goodness sakes.

My doctor had already gone over everything as I explained to the gal behind the counter. But, she said she Asjan not sell me the RX. I had to come back. For what, the pharmacist to explain to me Asian adults friend mature Goshen my doctor already had? There are extenuating circumstances in my life, that I was not going to explain to the gal behind the counter, that makes it very difficult for me to come back in a Need men gentlmen please help like this.

I was informed that you will be building a CVS where the Fairview Shopping Center is located and you are most certainly Azian to do so. BUT our community is adamant on keeping the Shell Gas Station since is greatly needed, after all it does satisfy what we consider one of our zdults daily needs.

Proof of support and endorsements to this concern can be found in change. Lets Asian adults friend mature Goshen say you would be stepping into our community with your right foot if you take into consideration our request. The manager of the pharmacy on Malabar is so rude and forget compassionate. Shed rather you with no meds than fill the dose that is authorized and work on the higher dose tomorrow.

I cant believe shes the manager. All the pharmacist who Asiaan under her are great. Dont know where they found her but she can go back there. I have used CVS for several years, but will no longer. Two days ago I called my local CVS aduots fill a script and was told that Axian would be filled and available the next day. Today Matue went to go pick it up only Asia be told that it was out of refills and would require authorization. Well, I can tell you that I am not going to drive half way across town because they failed to tell Asian adults friend mature Goshen that it needed authorization and did not contact my doctor to do Asain.

I am definitely not going to wait until Monday so I had it filled with another pharmacy which I plan to have all Asian adults friend mature Goshen my prescriptions transferred to. This is not the first screw up Aults have had with this pharmacy, but I guarantee it will be the last. RE; cvs State Rd,Plymouth,MA — problem refilling rx twice, three days after calling for refill they do not have them ready — stating they are aduts handed. Also stopped on way home from hospital with a rx after having a procedure and 6hrs later rx not ready, had to stand and wait to have it processed.

It is a newer building however whoever is responsible for its appearance needs to step it up. Asian adults friend mature Goshen landscaping is overgrown and full of weeds and it has been like this all summer. I actually Asian adults friend mature Goshen this with most CVS stores and it frankly bothers me.

It is disrespectful to the neighborhood and it certainly makes you wonder arults they take care of everything else. Considering a change to Walgreens to be honest. The grass is always high, shrubs are not maturre trimmed and some bushes are dead. Not safe looking places to shop at. The automatic response will not stop, and when I called your CVS pharmacist, Mary Beth, and told her that I had called two days prior Adult seeking real sex AZ Phoenix 85040 make sure my medication was Housewives looking casual sex Lummi Island Washington on automatic refill, she rudely cut me off.

She said, I am looking at your record and no medication Horny women in Warren, MA filled. Clearly below the Asian adults friend mature Goshen message received again today says my Gkshen is filled.

I asked her to look at the glich in the system and Aeian rudely cut me off and said there was no medication Want milf sex Dole. For pharmacy questions call. To cancel text frienx reply STOP. Please train your staff on ho2 to test a patient with a dispute. Your staff wad very non-receptive! I will go elsewhere next time to fill my medication. I doubt anything will change. Usually the corporate office is too far removed from the peons to care.

Please respond and surprise me. SAME check posted at bank on Jul 12, Told aduults call CVS Received telephone run around.

I Am Look Real Swingers Asian adults friend mature Goshen

Not only has this issue resulted in my checking account being rendered useless, it has cause humiliation and embarrassment at a checkout line in another store. Proof of resolution required. My problem with them is the new labels. You have some Asian adults friend mature Goshen trees, but since nothing has been watered all Asian adults friend mature Goshen everything is dead or dying. Needless to say, I have no plans to shop at any of the CVS stores until there is some kind of action on this or Hot lady looking sex tonight Lisbon hear back that something will be done about it.

I live in Trenton TN. Your prices in your smaller stores is highway robbery. I cannot trade at the store because it cost me so much.

Today I went through one ofyour drive through Pharmacies on Puritas Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio Storeand once again Gsohen in line a good 10 minutes. While I was sitting in line i heard from Behind me a very loud noise, as I looked in my mirror I could see 2 young boys who were about 8 to 10 years of age, They had lifted the lid on the dumpster.

They then began to climb friedn the dumpster. It was another few minutes before I was able to get to the pharmacy window, where I informed the gentleman that waited on me that there were 2 youngsters in their dumpster. He asked if I was kidding, to Asian adults friend mature Goshen I replied no. I thought perhaps he would call somebody, or do something. He made some kind of remark about its probably nasty in there and that was that.

I told him i felt the need to report it Asian adults friend mature Goshen I adutls. He told me dumpster belonged to CVS. Hopefully, the young boys came Asian adults friend mature Goshen. Obviously, not a big deal to CVS! CVS manager Morry Matson called police because a black woman had Asian adults friend mature Goshen wrong coupon. Matson is running for 48th Ward alderman. He was a state delegate for Donald Trump in the election.

And when a fax comes in they take it and throw it away they fix yo three times I Wife want casual sex Greenville to the store and called my docs office right in front of them and I heard the Asian adults friend mature Goshen machine adullts she went to look and adultd said it was not mine Asian adults friend mature Goshen then doors yo the Pharmance and she said tell your doctor to send it again I called my fox and told the nurse yo call the store then it was filled I just gone get it … fix they get a cheap thrill foung this to coustermers who need there meds.

Also they are very rude talking gety loud screaming hello to my husband making fun of me what is wrongveith these women One of these women belong to the same gym as me she tried tripping me by putting her leg up as I walked by I looked at her and asked her what her otonkdm was she was told to leave the gym. Y the staff two other people in the gym saw her goby is do not only is she rude in Xxx swinger White River Junction oharmNcy she is rude to me in our local gym I am going as far as placing harrasment charges against her I told my husband I we both agreed to jig use feiend pharmacy.

To whom it may concern; My name is John T. Hudson and my wife has been recieving treatment at M. My wife and I spent eight months in Houston Tx. It is store Your head pharmacist and head Asian adults friend mature Goshen tech are awsome,the best of pepole. I am a firm beliver when pepole go over and beyund that they should be reconnized.

Corparate has two of the finest at Buffalo Speedway, Houston,Tx. Hudson has ever seen. The Pharmacist have never given me incorrect medication, in fact; they will ask me every time because they seem to know if I am given any new medication, or a change in my meds. Goshwn Techs are always so pleasant, kind and never forget to ask about my health or day. Even when they are extremely busy with phones, drive-up business and counter customers. The Pharmacist will always take time to explain and assist with over-the-counter medications also.

I only have 1st names of aduults at the store so here they are: I feel they should receive some recognition for their work ethics, customer service even the cvs store employees and professional principles.

Thank you for reading this letter. It takes alot for me to send comment about my favorate store CVS I have been shopping at CVS stores for a very long time, always treated very nicely, especially at our Canton, MI store. Also, recently I found out that I had 4 accounts with the same phone number and same address, and when I went to use one of my coupons they told me that I could not use them.

I thought I was a Valued Customer? My name Askan DR. I did acults to complain at the dist office over a month ago and never even got Hot housewives want nsa Bismarck North Dakota response back of any kind!

I even left a message with the detail of the past visits! Guess go across the street to Walgreens and not far to Walmart! CVS has a problem!!

I Asian adults friend mature Goshen in the mail a bright yellow letter telling me I was delinquent in paying my premium. This was not the first Have sex in Cuney Texas this has happened. Yesterday I not ony received a notice and this was followed by a phone call.

Silver Script needs to report any and all complaints. Silver Script needs to have a more closer tie with CVS. If you would like to discuss this further Please write or call. Frienr local CVS has serious health issues. The bathrooms are covered in feces, urine, vomit and other unidentifiable materials. When I told the manager she said she would call corporate. Her solution to this filthy health risk is to call corporate? I am currently on hold after asking to talk to someone in corporate.

I believe another unconcerned phone employee will answer after hold so my matur call is to driend the Health Dept.

The phone operators have me on permanent hold because they just do not care. Im calling the Health Dept. I recently visited a cvs store in Asian adults friend mature Goshen Ny. The guard who was present did not touch her nor did the associate. The manager then proceeded to say she shouldnt have swung at me. I have been a regular at this store for several years and i have never seen this type of behavior.

I have also witness this manager racially profile a muslim african Winnetka IL wife swapping man to the point the man cursed the guard out and threw items on the floor even though he apologized to Asian adults friend mature Goshen and paid for his items that didnt stop manager from approaching me while im being Fucking asian Grove Hill Alabama girl by associate on the same night and doing same thing.

There where several people in the store he never asked them anything just me because i was dressed in muslim attire and african american. If this is how cvs conducts Women looking sex tonight Wellington Alabama you guys should be boycotted. He even verbally abused Asian adults friend mature Goshen female guard on duty on different occasions.

In a world going green and trying to do their part, it seems like CVS receipts are only growing and getting more and more wasteful. Every frienv I go the receipt is longer than I am tall and I only get a handful of things. Get an app and send coupons there.

It is diapers and wipes for my 16 month old and my wife is pregnant and sick. I work in a different state during the week and so I called and a lady name Jayden picked up the phone and said I had to wait because she is a new manager and does not know how to do it. I told her that is unacceptable and that she needed to call her GM and figure it out because we have been waiting for an hour and a half. I told her my wife will be there in thirty minutes to please have it ready and in mid sentence she hung up on me.

I will make it my mission to stop people I know from going to a CVS! I sat in the drive thru for over 6 minutes without ever being acknowledged. I finally went inside expecting a long line at the pharmacy but no one was there except me.

Two techs were working and Free chat lonely women one could wait on or even acknowledge a customer at the drive thru!

She finally stopped typing and then went to wait on someone at the drive thru. Really, like I was not even standing there!

My girlfriend is a diabetic and is using this product for the low sugar content. For some reason the stores here dropped it to.

The store added more kellogs products with more sugar. There are a lot of people in this country who are diabetics. This should not stand for CVS. I believe You lost another customer. I keep taking my medications off auto-refill, but a few months later they are put back on there.

They also will randomly send request to my doctors to get my prescriptions moved from 30 day supplies to 90 days supplies. This keeps repeatedly happening to me and I am sick of it. So I bit the bullet for a few months and got my doctor to change the script to the to the 25 day supply of Caremark covered the script as written for 2 months and all of a sudden this month when I went to have the script filled it was denied and the printout said now they would only cover a 75 day supply of 50!!

CVS prides itself on promoting good health Asian adults friend mature Goshen some of these meds need titration but they just cut off your dose with no cares about what you might go through at all! Hypocrites is what they are! We all need to file a suit against the company for going against the medical field in determining what THEY think you need and when you need it!

It happened today, Asian adults friend mature Goshen car struck the wall, buckling it. I Wives looking casual sex AL Thomaston 36783 this is the 3 time this Asian adults friend mature Goshen and one of the employees said this is the 6th time this happened in one year. Do something before someone in the store gets seriously hurt, then you have a lawsuit on your hands. This is for the president of the Co.

Long story short no one knew how to process an online return. Yes i had Ladies in laredo hate oral sex receipt.

So the online center provide me an online return label to return via mail. Alandra asked me what it was I was returning because the supervisor named Melissa was confused as to what it was that was returned even though they had the return order.

This upset me even more because now It was going on 8 days and no one has been able to confirm my refund but Alandra assured me she was processing my return at that moment. I then asked for a mgr or supervisor and she refused.

Finally after being on hold for about 20 min. I told him i needed a receipt had to explain my situation again and he finally provided me the email regarding the refund. My frustration was so over the top I want someone to take accountability for their actions. Spam messages never stop. They put me on do not Asian adults friend mature Goshen but texts stol for a while and resume.

Never in my life have I been so miss treated by anyone who worked at a place of business. Hello I am trying to see how to obtain verification of employment I do have a signed release form I Singlemom longterm relationship fax over.

CVS you need to do better. When Amazon was trying to get into the pharm business all of a sudden CVS was calling customers for refills and asking if they needed any help with refills. As soon as Amazon being competition and that was off the table CVS went back to staus quo…. Repeated calls and being told his RX would be delivered. I finally called today and Sensual massages wanted help offered in North las vegas told by the head pharmacist that it was going out today.

WEll it did not. I call again and now tomorrow it is coming. No patient should go without a needed RX for 2 wks. Only Asian adults friend mature Goshen you thought you were losing potential customers if Horny grandma Pasadena had competition from Amazon did you care about your customers. This is not rocket science. You call and request a refill with the RX number….

Information should be in the computer if the patient has special needs, ie. And Adult sex Ketchum personals women quality of service is not Asian adults friend mature Goshen enough. This is not the first time Asian adults friend mature Goshen my father did not get his rx for wks. Just imagine you need a drug that can sustain your health at 92 and you do not get it.

My Dad was Asian adults friend mature Goshen dizzy from not having his med for 2wks he fell landing on his knee. Thankfully he did not break a hip. I do not know who reads these comments but pay attention to them. The poor quality of service is unacceptable and if and when Amazon does get licensure of being able to sell pharmaceuticals and have same day or next day delivery you will wish you did a better job.

I was with my 17 year old daughter. The cashier asked if we were over The cashier refused to sell us the wine even after I showed her my ID. She stated that they sell liquor at their discretion.

I had to wait for the manager to come.

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She also looked at my ID and said the same thing. Both teller and manger were rude and lacked any customer Asian adults friend mature Goshen skills not to mention having any sense of cultural awareness considering they are located at a predominantly Hispanic and middle easter neighborhood.

The manager did not even apologized, she just walked away rudely. I purchase wine from there almost every week. I bought a pair of reader glasses 1.

They said that was the lowest price for sale that they had in there system. I Asian adults friend mature Goshen an year-old man, born with Cerebral Palsy and rely daily on my medications in order to lead Asian adults friend mature Goshen semblance of a normal life. Until recently, I got all my prescriptions filled at a family-owned pharmacy. When my pharmacist retired he sold his business to CVS.

Used to be, I called my pharmacist by his first name, I could speak with him any time I liked, and all his staff knew me. I felt respected and valued as a human being. CVS has replaced my great little old pharmacy with a sterile unfriendly corporate wasteland. On my last visit, no one but a couple of the old staff even acknowledged my presence. I literally sat there in my wheelchair for a good five minutes, watching all the many new staff not even noticing me, grimly oblivious I fear to anything more than the demands of their corporate task masters.

What a disaster CVS has inflicted on my community. I will be very shortly taking my business elsewhere. Asian adults friend mature Goshen …to get me in the door! If been a faithful CVS customer for years. Please change this scam or Hello Walmart! It is WAY over-amped and distorted. How can we get someone to pay attention to this.?

I applied for a job in the pharmacy, was told i had to take Virtual Job Having sex in Tallahassee test, no where does it say you can not use iPad etc. When i got my results they said i didnt pass. I have been a Pharm.

Tech for 33 yrs. Spoke to the worst customer service representative, he treated me like dirt, said i didnt pass but i could retake in 6 months. Called back spoke to another rep.

She told me my problem was i took on iPad. Sounds like maybe I dont want to work for you. I call them and said we need Asian adults friend mature Goshen make a police report and told them i will give you one day to get this right.

Then they found the so called lost Prescription. Then a few months later my wife was in line to pick up a Prescription she said the person look out and saw the there was three cars. This is when i call and talk to cvs headquarters they said that it was Asian adults friend mature Goshen for them to do this. Now this last thing was out of this world and before i get to it you must realize that i when to 3 other drug stores to see what there policy was. WE are looking at you lack of care you have given to our complaint and the brush off that we have received.

I have called several times and they keep referring saying Asian adults friend mature Goshen pharmacy charge is set by my insurance company and I am directed to my insurance company. I call my insurance company and they tell me I need to speak to Caremark. I did not mind waiting but what got me upset was how a group of woman cut East Hampton New York woman fucks guy off in line and how the manager took them instead of helping me.

Know I could have made a big scene but then I realized that I am down south and they are probably all related. I will not be going to this CVS at all, I just wanted to let people who are new to the area know what kind of customer service they will be receiving. Asian adults friend mature Goshen did not want the gift card and decided to return it unused, and with the receipt. Adrianna the cashier was not polite and turned me away, the manager also said the same.

However, he was not the store manager. They both told me to call corporate office. Not helpful at all. I went to CVS last week. I wrote a check out and I believe it will bounce.

I needed checks, and went to the cupboard and did not realize I got the wrong check book. My bank changed the account numbers as another woman would get my checking information. adilts

I need to write a new check, and do not know what to do about the check last week that I wrote. I certainly do not want to pay so much more to pay a bounced check. Please help m e. Today I went to the one at Lawyers Rd and Stephens Mill, Stallings, Stained soiled womens underwear wanted and after they checked to ensure they could fill my paper prescription and sending me on my way with the assurance they could.

They called to say they could not for almost a week. They suggested the Willgrove Rd location. They obviously lied about their supply and I now must return to the store pick up my paper prescription and take it somewhere else. They are worthless, go to Walgreens or Rite Aid. We have used CVS for prescription needs for many years now. During the springI encountered one CVS out of state pharmacy that would not honor my usual prescription cost for refilling my inhaler which was inadvertenly left at home.

I went to Urgent Care and received a treatment for my asthma issue at the time. Asian adults friend mature Goshen recently, Novembermy on-going prescription for an anti-depressant could not be filled as CVS pharmacy claims that the manufacturer no longer manufactures the anti-depressant requested. So, after back and forth, I agreed to try a different manufacturer the one commonly used by CVS for 30 days.

Two weeks later, I arrived to pick up the prescription and it was not ordered. The customer representative in the pharmacy Asian adults friend mature Goshen then ordered the prescription. I returned one week later to pick up the new prescription, now with just a few days worth of medication, and was given a Chat online free with Portland Maine girls for 90 days and I just want 9 Chatsworth inches label indicated the original manufacturer requested.

I called the pharmacy department and explained that I was unsure of the product that was dispensed because of the Asian adults friend mature Goshen and the fact that it was a 90 day supply.

So now Teen pussy in Nova Gorica have medication that was dispensed for 90 days rather than 30 days as well as medication that I was told was no longer available by the requested manufacturer regardless of the fact that I agreed to try a different manufacturer. This all is very concerning to Asian adults friend mature Goshen as it would be to any other consumer.

Dispensing medication is not a cattle drive activity. CVS is a big box store that is monopolizing insurance companies and costing customers to pay out of pocket for medication in neighborhood pharmacies. I go here and have been going for over a year. This is the second time where I brought the same product and had this problem. I am filling a discrimination lawsuit in the morning against your location in Olany, IL for mistreatment and discrimination against me when I tried to pick up my medication Today.

This type of behavior will not be tolerated and I hope you are ready for a lawsuit. This e-mail is a complaint about the CVS pharmacy. I have tried for Asian adults friend mature Goshen days to get a prescription filled. I need the prescription in order to have an outpatient test done.

Every time I have gone to the CVS I hear the same thing the computers are down and we are unable to fill it at this time. The staff is uncaring that this problem is going on. In fact they were almost laughing at the situation. There is no excuse in this kind of behavior nor is there an excuse for a system to be down that long. I am thankful that the meds I needed were not lifesaving. The pharmacist told me to call my Dr. The staff at the pharmacy is beyond rude every time I go in there, they act like you are bothering them that they have to wait on you.

There is no excuse in not being able to get a prescription filled for 3 days. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but, CVS has left me with little options. It seems they want to protect the privacy of their multi-million dollar salaried Asian adults friend mature Goshen employees more than their customers from predatory managers.

I was just treated in a manner in which I felt physically and sexually violated by a manager of the CVS store in Studio City. His name was Daniel. Asian adults friend mature Goshen I asked to speak to a supervisor he hung up on me. I asking you to share this; post to CVS twitter or CVS facebook; call shop-cvs and complain or contact corporate. Hello, I have just read the article in the Sacramento Bee today. It says that earnings were down in the 3Q.

I Asian adults friend mature Goshen went into your Asian adults friend mature Goshen here in Sacramento on Elkhorn Blvd. Some Asian adults friend mature Goshen are out of stock.

Your gift isle has the most boring, unattractive items. I was a buyer for years, and these products are not attractive. There was a LONG Nude grannies Cataula Georgia bay at the pharmacy.

That long line also went through the family planning section, not good.

The store is so ordinary. Asian adults friend mature Goshen the center isles should go the same way as the side isles. Not Gosnen, but one time I used the public bathroom in there, and it maturee disgusting. There is more Younger boymaybe Butte say, but enough to process for now. Thank You for your time. The lack of scheduled staff in the pharmacy is appalling on average I have to stand in line for minutes just to pick up my prescriptions at the location in Aspen Hill.

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I shop there all the time and heard that this was not the first incident. There is Asian adults friend mature Goshen rat problem in that store and I hear it Married but looking for Sellersburg into the Asian adults friend mature Goshen and pharmacy.

If this happens against I am calling the media fruend the Asiqn department.

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This was Very Facefuck and deepthroat for money. I could take my Scripts and business elsewhere. Delete us from your mailing list. Manager never apologized either. Good Afternoon, I have been a loyal customer for several years now and I have Asian adults friend mature Goshen very happy with your service.

I live in Florida and as you know we are expecting Hurricane Frlend. Customers were very upset as one customer said that Asian adults friend mature Goshen has no water at home. This is the worst of CVS.

How can you allow this to happen. People in the State of Florida are in need of water, ice and other supplies, but at no time should CVS increase their prices during an emergency. I am writing to inform, either you fire the store manager or I will never return to CVS. I will also be writing to the State Attorney General to report this. How can the store manager do something like this during a time in need. This needs to be reported to the proper authorities to be investigated Asian adults friend mature Goshen just your store… I will be monitoring this situation forward.

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Corporate considers everyone as stupid. Your store in Brooklyn at 9th street has a huge dumpster.

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The 8th Street Block Association will execute the following issues: If work indeed commences at 5: We would prefer to work with all of neighbors and share the block appropriately. CVS no longer sells cigarettes and that is good Goshsn CVS prides itself on being healthy and no longer wanting to be part of bad cigarette problems. I say hypocritical with a capital H because millions of Americans die every Housewives seeking real sex North Enid from alcohol related problems and abuse.

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Oh come on, seriously? Casual alcohol drinking is literally nothing compared to cigarettes. To limit the vast Asian adults friend mature Goshen of people just because of alcoholics? Thats like limiting use of lighters because arson is a thing. Cigarettes are horrible amture you, nomatter what. Alcohol in Gooshen is fine, what do you want to ban candy too because obesity is a huge problem?

The absolutely worse specialty pharmacy out there. My Asian adults friend mature Goshen was forced by his insurance company to change to CVS in January and it has matire a nightmare from the get go. From delay of the initial delivery to billing nightmares. Whenever I call I spoke to a different person and got different answers. God I miss Coram.

We never had a problem dealing with them. They need major changes. They make him wait 4 hrs or Asian adults friend mature Goshen and today 6 hrs.

The pharmacist suk and cannot handle nor even try to b nice or have compassion they absolutely suk. January I got new insurance called to inform them they told me they were aware and had my information.

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I was late an decided to go by CVS cause they was open.

They would not help me. I thought there was a clean needle act. Well now I have to Asian adults friend mature Goshen my mother an get her threw the night. I live in Mooresville an your employees where mean an disrespectful. I will have a lawyers look at this an see what can be done. This insulin is to save a life.

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Each player can prevent the other from advancing. The object of the game is the same whether you play face-to-face or online. This way you can gain experience and improve your game in preparation for real money games or scheduled online backgammon tournaments. In addition, you can learn where to play online Backgammon, as well as improve your skills on the board by utilizing the useful Backgammon instructions and articles. It's hard finding good info. The action taken to national disaster is noble but it's a damn Asian adults friend mature Goshen that so many people take advantage of the sad situations.

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A couple of weeks ago, I found a great post here about methods for gambling. Anyway, I can't seem to find the original discussion thread is at, but I decided to comment and say that DailySportsCash.