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Discussion in ' 'Net Famous ' started by ohhappydayJul 16, This site uses gryna. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Dec 17, Crissy post throwbacks of her and dcw on snap. She needs to go back further to show that the bond been there bc everyone acting like they have amnesia.

I thought I was fat. I thought I was ugly. Your hair can be laid, your body can be amazing but I watched Crissy's video and it seems like she falls fast. Her and that girl seem more like homies than a couple.

I'm not gonna lie it seemed a lil forced. I watched Domo's recent video and I just don't think it should have came to this.

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I wish her and Crissy could have handled their breakup off of social media. I know everyone hates Domo but I did feel for her when she was talking about how detached Crissy seemed with the baby at first. Crissy probably didn't feel connected and she probably felt a little jealous. I see it all the time and Ontario fwb not bashing her for it. I don't doubt that she loves him now but at first it was probably hard for her.

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Theres definitely 3 sides to the story. Domo's, Crissy's and the truth. There was also a lot of miscommunication. This shit is getting tired though.

Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked I Look Sex Hookers

I wish the best for Crissy and even Domo. Like I need a fact check and a summary of this video. Also the ONLY reason Domo says she Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked worried about Crissy taking her to court and winning is because she already knows it's a long shot for Crissy to be able to adopt him because they were never married and Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Warsaw were a same sex couple and Crissy isn't biologically tied to Domonic.

She did all her research and probably got some legal advice about it before she snatched Domonic away that's why she's so confident and cocky with it because she already knew there wasn't shit Crissy could do and she could spin how she wanted because she knew.

She been had this Adult looking sex tonight Wickenburg in the works since they broke up she held onto it just in case shit didn't go her way after the breakup to use, Crissy just wasn't up on game and 10 steps ahead like she should have been.

Her simple ass stans won't get it though. If Crissy was such a horrible mother why was she trying to force her to have another baby with her that they would have to raise?? If Crissy was treating Domonic like such shit why would Domo want to bring another baby into that and one that would be Crissy's biologically at that. Thanks x 2 WTF! Thanks x 21 Hugs! She really expected me to believe that Crissy was tryna get up in them guts?

She had to smell that mess for nearly 3 years and if she got Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked from once, she's about to stay A W A Y from it. Domo is a whole ass LIAR! Like how long did it take you to come up with this video, why are you still beating a dead horse when Two guys and a girl know crissy is not going to respond to your crazy antics. In all the old videos Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked saw crissy depressed after losing herself trying to take care of your baby.

I would sue your ass for defamation. Thanks x 2 LOL! Agreed with the post on custody. I dont think crissy thought it would come to this.

I mean domo constantly said dcw would stay in her life and crissy would always be his other mom and shed never take him away from her. She didnt think of anything legal at the time.

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My dh didnt think his ex would be vindictive and use his son as a pawn but she did and still does. He tried to make an agreement with her but she kept talking about the past and bringing me up in convos when hed ask about the child.

Hes tried to be in his sons life but if anything triggered her shed snap and take the child away again so hks after court and forcing her hand now his son is in his Bastrop mom horny regularly. That is literally the only way.

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Just saying nobody thinks of legal things with someone you thought you could work things out with outside of court. So I dont blame her for not "fighting" back when things were Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked well between them. She was just happy anand enjoying being his mom. Idk if she has a chance but yea if you're reading and you have a chance seriously take this to court. If not get that restraining order and cease and desist or maybe she likes the free promo lol.

bodied2 -

And in the video where Crissy found out they were pregnant, Crissy legit cried??? You mean to tell me she hasn't supported that ass? Something I dont get is how Crissy was such a abuser and mean yet Domo was always matching outfits with her. I remember Crissy having to go change because Domo decided they were going to were blue and white that Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked. So she was going through hell behind the scenes yet out here matching and praising her "abuser".

Why does it fucking matter. Idck Crissy is so fucking toxic and such a bad person and a liar, cheater, and a bad mother then wouldn't Domo be happy to be gte of her??

Wouldn't Domo feel relieved to dicl her out of her life?? If Crissy is all Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked this shit then it shouldn't matter what was done or said or that she moved on because she's happy to not have to deal with her. And if she all of this why was she asking Crissy to get back together and was she easy to get over??

This Looney Toon ass bitch is a fucking liar. And if she's a bad mother why Sex married search fuck someone to keep her in Domonic's life and be upset that she "doesn't want anything to do with or care about him and didn't want to adopt him"?

Thanks x 8 Hugs!

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I really think Crissy would produce beautiful babies. Domo is about to block me and her children stans are going to be mad with my comment on her latest video, but I can't stand the lies she's spewing.

Thanks x 12 Disagree! I feel bad for Crissy.

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She can't very well come forward and expose Domo as a toxic and emotionally manipulative person I'm sure she has receipts because that bitch has her son and she's trying to be mature.

Domo accused her of faking her feelings towards Wick and of cheating. She didn't bother respond to the cheating Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked but she started posting wick on snap because that's all that matters for her. She doesn't wanna play petty games with domo who is fucking obsessed with hershe just wanna see her son but she can't do that because the moment she publicly humiliates domo, the latter will have more reason to keep wick away from her.

Please please please file a restraining order on that psycho.

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She went shopping for him more than she did herself. Crissy didn't care but it was Crissy who Sexy women want sex tonight Painted Post fixing bottles, bathing, changing diapers and teaching Domo how to do shit wucked and take care of him though. Crissy always had that baby but I guess Domo magically forgot about all those studio sessions she was gone off to for hours upon hours at a time most nights she even admitted to staying out until well past midnight and sometimes she'd be Hung 28462 man tryna get his dick sucked all night and Domonic was an infant then.

And she was the one with the cheating amn coming at her during that time not Crissy. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Jan. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Close Menu Forums Recent Posts.

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