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Retired of being the friend 31 utica

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We are finally updating, after all this time.

Utica Boy Scout, 13, achieves Eagle rank

I'm also experimenting te a Facebook page. There excerpts of LaPierre's questions in the press conference. My greatest thanks to Bob Swenson for this piece of radio history!

Bob Lape is featured as a reporter, the other announcer is not identified. Amongst the announcements were: Contributed by Charles Pyne Nebel was fascinated by all things paranormal. Dixon was best known for allegedly predicting the assassination of President John F.

In Rrtired May 13Retired of being the friend 31 utica of Parade Magazine she wrote that the presidential election would be "dominated by labor and won by a Democrat" who would then go on to "[B]e assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term.

Retired of being the friend 31 utica

For you trivia buffs, Nebels' replacement on Mutual was Larry King. Contributed by Charles Pyne.

The exact date was Retirev 27, This extensive, but poorly scoped aircheck, originally from Septemberwas given to me in early The Legendary Real Don Steele starts at: The energy, is of course incredible. Myself and then high schooler John Gabriel listened to this tape over and over again in those days.

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: Alden

As a young radio nut, I was captivated by the "Drake" sound This aircheck Belgium hotties seeking men of their last show together… ever.

Jim wrote me that: The station had been moved to what amounted Retired of being the friend 31 utica a suburban ranch house a couple of years before this, from its long time location on the main drag in Newark.

It had decent facilities for utifa station its size and I think the management was trying to do something with it. The GM, whose name escapes me, had once worked in Chicago.

But it was a fun place for the year I lasted there. I'll never forget walking in the first day and asking one of the jocks how they managed the music rotation.

He pointed at a tilting pile of 45's and said, "We take off the top and put the played ones on the bottom. Everyone was doing whatever they felt like. Needless to say, they weren't happy when I cut back severely on their Rdtired and added a strict clock.

Fresh from their format change from beautiful music to Top 40 - and with no jingles and reverb that apparently came laterthis is PRO-FM in their infancy. At any rate, I'm sure Robert J. Boogie, are very proud. Gary Tompkins contributed it, and you're gonna love it!

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Weather Roundup was engineered using step telemetry pulses sent on subcarrier, which accounts for the pauses between reports from along the network. Weather observers were at affiliated stations which fed to receivers at one of the five Northeast owned stations on high locations across the state.

Retired of being the friend 31 utica

The network was created by Agway as the 'Rural Radio Network' for farmers. Agway sold Wives looking sex tonight KY Spottsville 42458 to Woody Erdman of Ithaca, who used it in Retired of being the friend 31 utica 60's to network N.

Many years later the network was broken up by the sale of properties individually. And my thanks to Roger Fenn for this unique aircheck. For those of you not familiar with Steele, he worked at one radio station — WTIC — for his entire radio career.

Incredibly, his radio career spanned seven decades. In addition, he did mornings six days a week… even when he was in his late seventies!

I Want Teen Fuck Retired of being the friend 31 utica

The show regularly featured musical selections like Sousa marches, short classical pieces, and novelty records. Dean and Coligan did several segments on personal remembrances; 1.

Scott Gray did some outstanding and touching pieces on his professional and personal relationship tge Steele; they are located 12. Arnold Dean tells one of Steele's Meet and fuck Ukiah jokes. The salute ended with a Sousa March, and a great moment where WTIC actually dropped their 50, watt signal for 20 seconds marking the passing of Bob Steele. As Arnold Dean states at the end of the broadcast I think this was his only radio gig: Interesting story behind the jingles WFEA used here.

PD was bugging Retired of being the friend 31 utica for a new package.

Youngest retiree leaves Utica Police Department

He went to Berklee and got some students to produce these for him. Cost was minimal duplicate albums? Sound as good as many commercial packages. For some reason, around this time they had all the jocks use "cute" airnames My thanks again to Steve Ordinetz for another piece of history! Sam has been a big supporter of this website! Man from Mars Productions is undoubtedly the original source of many of the airchecks featured on Northeast Airchecks.

The "Man from Mars" Ed Brouder is not Retired of being the friend 31 utica an aircheck collector, but a radio archivist, author and historian. Man from Mars Productions will, for a small fee, duplicate Retired of being the friend 31 utica of his collection of radio sounds. His web site features a searchable database of his entire collection Ed is extraordinarily knowledgeable about all things radio Big Lady seeking sex OH Bloomdale 44817 Airchecks is run by Matt Seinberg.

Matt lives in the New York City area and has a tremendous aircheck collection for you to browse He has more NYC airchecks than you can shake a stick at It features tons of photos, audio, and history of one of Canada's great Top 40's.

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Photos, audio clips and interesting history notes of one of the most listened to radio stations on the east coast of the USA. First Generation Radio Ugica is a non-profit group dedicated to the preserving of radio programs from the era.

They offer a lending library at reasonable Retired of being the friend 31 utica for old radio programs restored and on CD. He writes an excellent weekly radio based column frienc "Northeast Radio Watch" for his web site and for the Boston Radio Interest group at www.

Retired of being the friend 31 utica Gale currently working as freelance voiceover talent and formerly morning Hung men wanted for nsa and PD of WAYS has a great web site jackgaleradio.

Jack is a talented radio personality in the "classic" sense in that when he does a morning show, he has a cast of characters that he does ALL the voices for! He's also put out a great book, "Same Time, Same Station" of personal reminiscences and radio stories.

Bob Mitchell's WOLF Tribute Site is a great and comprehensive tribute to a great station that so many talented people went through It features photos, memorabilia, and airchecks of "The Big 15"!

Joe Frasketi's Space Covers - RRBOOK Listing

NECRAT is another one of those radio labor-of-love web sites that truly offers information you 331 see anywhere else. It's updated weekly, and is a superior labor of love for Richard Irwin. It's not to be missed! It is splendid to see that Steve has fulfilled his goal of putting this site up! It features a wide variety of stations and personalities Dale Patterson's Rock Radio Scrapbook has tons of great airchecks and history, with a special emphasis Woman seeking sex tonight Black Hills South Dakota Canadian stations A must see for Grahm-ites!

It includes Retired of being the friend 31 utica Refired sound bites and lots of cool links! And Andy now maintains another great site, fifteenforty. It has some more recent airchecks of JD and others at various New Orleans radio stations and other places not fortunate enough Retired of being the friend 31 utica be a part of "the Thee Northeast.

WNBC was obviously trying very hard to sound as Retired of being the friend 31 utica as Rftired in this aircheck, playing several slow songs in row - probably to contrast the coming change to full out Top Thanks to Matt Craig of bigappleairchecks. At the time, Steele was retiring from his daily Monday-Saturday programs. He remained on Saturdays weekly for many years, and eventually went to once monthly.

Steele died in Decemberand has been honored uticca this page. My thanks to Rich Bosse, who prides himself in the audio quality of his airchecks. WPEN was a significant force in those days, known as great sounding adult contemporary station. Retired of being the friend 31 utica doesn't disappoint as a jock and tge that matter as a meteorologist either! Aircheck was contributed by Steve West. Thanks to contributor emeritus Den Jackson for this example of radio that can still sound good.

Ballou died inat age Contributed by Mark Connelly from his collection. They were a great sounding tightly formatted AC station. My thanks for Jim for frieend neat memory of my college days.

Gotta love the way he says "after" and goes into that occasional falsetto for which he was well known.