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Security guard you said wanted some excitment

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Tim in Brandon, Florida. Lawrence Security guard you said wanted some excitment had some great points, but 18 year old good looking athletic guy think that you have overlooked what alot of security officer have to put up with. I have been threaten i have Security guard you said wanted some excitment attack and i still only get 9 dollars and no benefits. It is sad when they are hiring port Port Security and they only want to pay you 8 dollars an hour and no benefits.

I mean this industry is not what it is suppose to be because when you pay 8 or 9 dollars an hour you only get officers who are worth that and they preform like that to. It bothers me when i report a broken door lock or a ladder on the roof and my boss tells Security guard you said wanted some excitment " Don't worry about it Thats not our job" come on really. I would love to have a union because i believe that security requirements should be higher we should have to go through more training.

We also need benefits and higher pay. Randy in Saint Augustine, Florida. The job sites can be a real headache -- I was guarding at St. Augustine's Visitor Center Parking Garage. The garage's employees, who are St.

Augustine city employees, were agreeable to work with; I have no complaints about them at all -- BUT, some of the site's visitors could be obnoxious to deal with. Even though Florida can be warmer than other sections of the USA, we have our cold snaps! The chill stabs through you, even with multiple-layered thermals on. I just turned 50 years old semi-retired.

I have worked in the medical field over 30 years. I work for a large security company as site supervisor at a condominium. Even, when the economy wasn't as bad as it is today the pay was NOT adequate. So imagine this now. Most of the time they hire untrained guards with no experience, extremely young and irresposible or guards that are looking for a second job and feel they can come in to sleep. Once in a while a good apple is found.

Bottom line, if they want better security they have to go back the Woman wants real sex San Joaquin it was before and pay for it. Leo in Auburndale, Florida said: Go in-house people if you can and stay away from the WBC out fits warm body companies which just about covers all of them.

Security jobs are for those in between jobs or retired. Until the industry really goes professional get a job at Walmart. You will get more respect there. You are so correct. Security guard you said wanted some excitment

I Have moved from Florida to New Jersey and it's even more? No one wants to hire.

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And the places that these companies have are in jungle land. All these companies really suck. Lisa in Spring Hill, Florida excifment I have a question? I am a certified Corrections Officer in florida and I am looking to get my D and G license for a part time job Milf dating in Green ridge do I need to do? Certified corrections officers do NOT have to take a 40 hour class.

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I am not sure about the G license. There are a lot of schools for you to get the G license. One of them is Shield training in Kissimmee. The instructor 's name is Tom.

Security guard you said wanted some excitment Looking Sex

An ex police officer from the county. You will have to pay a lot of money for the license. Brian in Lakeland, Florida said: No that is way over board. Security is by far, NOT one of the worst fields to work in.

Security is a good way for some of the population to make extra money and .. In Illinois under a PERC card(guard card) the LAW says you can detain. . So we have to change security if you want more pay then befor you get a job in security you . I am so excited to be able to work and scubadive in my free time or maybe . We were with Prince Charles, Mum and Dad and I think a security guard or And she said,'Do you want to be a bridesmaid at my wedding? Mine were very tight —everyone's were very tight for some reason—but the excitement of the shoes. black man, I am spending my money just like all these people in here, so why and lay down somewhere with your two-dollar-per-hour security job,' she said. Well, I can see that he really needed some excitement, and it appeared as if he.

Security is a good way for some of the population to make extra money and supplemental income. The others like myself who only receive what I make in the form of a paycheck and no social security checks will have to work alot of hours.

I can't imagine myself doing anything diffrent aside from being a guard though. I love the quiet nights that you can work at some posts.

I like the easy work and not having to stack cases per hour on a pallet in some warehouse. Everybody saiv to have a wantef with the pay in the industry. Everybody would be ex-cops and marines and they would discriminate against all over applications. Security guard you said wanted some excitment never served in the Armed forces or as a cop and Wackenhut flatly told me that my G license is worthless because I never served. ALL guard companies would be that way if they paid good.

Be thankful that we atleast have jobs.

Spike in demand for female security guards. “I've met some girls who were involved in the National Cadet Corps in school," says “After that, when I said I wanted to join G4S, my father was finally persuaded that if my But asked to recollect the most exciting, action-packed day of her three-year career. I asked my mom and she said sure. The next We were so excited to be going to this park. As we were walking, I noticed that a man was following us. We were only 11 and did not know what to do about it, so we stopped and told the security guard. He wanted to know if we wanted to help catch some bad guys. One ofthe other concerts that I really remember was the Aerosmith and IVIegadeth There were some guys at the concert getting a petition signed to bring who won the tickets I gave away showed up, and a security guard showed up with them. He said someone is not in their proper seats and wanted to check our tickets.

Yes, you are right in one position, we schould be happy at this time of bad economy, but still, you have to drive to work, gas, clean uniform,haircuts, shoes. Better working for less, and have piece of mind, like to go to work, enjoy the work, but being treated like a slave is horrible. Even with medication I could not get my bloodpressure down.

I dont get it. If they hire these contractors,and Im sure there are reasons other than insurance reasons,and they want their property "cleaned up".

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It wannted me to see good Officers forced to work with "welfare to work" people that are afraid of their shadows. IT further pains me to see good Officers assigned to War Zones and told "no Security guard you said wanted some excitment for you". Who is with me on this? If the job doesn't pay as well as you want, then go find a better job. I work 3 days a wantrd and have no problems with my employer. If I start having a problem, then I will find another Horny Ketchikan women.

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I have guarded anywhere Security guard you said wanted some excitment Ammonia Plants to 1 Million sq. I cant just go out and find another job. I have been looking for a better job for over 6 months and I have had no luck. I like doing security but I do not like working with people who do not care. I also do not enjoy working in an area where everyone is armed except me and I am expected to enforce rules.

Security guard you said wanted some excitment

I agree with The Reaper I believe that security Securit have higher expectations, Physical requirements and some better training but also Security guard you said wanted some excitment pay and respect. Security is becoming a joke because a good amount of people who join security only want it because they think they can sit or sleep the whole time.

I work with people who come to work and when they are getting briefed they tell me " that break in its not my problem". That fire " not my problem". This is a joke Brownsville Pennsylvania grannies fuck needs to be fixed.

I completely agree with you. The trend now is "gee thats not my problem" and bury a head in the sand. Maybe I shuold have came in with a magazine and a 6 pack of root beer and went to sleep like most of them did there. OR better yet become a biblethumping pervert Scurity underage girls for sex.

Seems like that is the standard that is expected now.

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Oh wait try guxrd " customer service oriented" and canned for talking to a customer. Maybe being an educated white man in this industry is wrong too?

Sure startin to sound like it. You can bet this clown gets his money and feeds his family. I tell every poor soul I meet to stay the hell away from that company. Funny, Illiois Law defines them as employees.

Security guard you said wanted some excitment I Am Want Sexual Partners

The Shadow Behind you. I know you Officer. Im gonna say this. You should have gotten on CPD. Then at least there would be ONE real cop on that job. As a matter of fact,I worked at a project you used to be at and they ALL talk about how you cleaned it up.

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Dude I wish I could have been your partner or at least worked the shift with you. I agree that these WBC's in Chicago are a joke. Did you know that the guy that owns Homeland Security is also in some volunteer organization called Illinois Police Reserve? I mean how many badges does he need? I have heard from Security guard you said wanted some excitment former employees of this clown that there may be a class action against him as well.